What Happens When you Partner with MCDC?

What Happens When you Partner with MCDC?

What happens when you partner with MCDC?

Well, read on because there are many benefits for you.

The first thing you will benefit from is helping your borrower realize a below-market, long-term, fixed interest rate which will help them reduce their payment while offering extended terms. This will definitely solidify your relationship with them. Then, your boss will receive a letter all about how great and valuable you are and complimenting you on your efforts to partner with us.

And since we are so glad that you partnered with us, you will be invited to some of our many events including Mixers, Octoberfest, March Madness Parties, Tiger Baseball Games, Luncheons, Loan Training Programs and many other fun events where you will never walk out empty handed.

As the MCDC 504 project nears completion our closing experts will lead you through the closing and funding process. In some cases, we can close both your loan and the 504 loan simultaneously to shorten the interim loan period. This provides added security for a quick funding. The best part is, after the loan funds, you will receive a sweet treat!

Additionally, bringing a project to us will secure an invitation to our Annual MCDC Lender Appreciation Golf Outing. Everyone gets a door prize and you have the chance to win $25,000 for a Hole-In-One. The odds are in your favor here since we've had three Holes-In-One in the last five years including a $25,000 winner in 2016.

In conclusion... you are treated like royalty when you partner with the MCDC. We not only help you in your efforts to do more deals in your market, but together, we help small businesses grow, create jobs and build communities in our great state.

MCDC is a non-profit corporation certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration to provide SBA 504 loan financing and SBA 7(a) loan packaging. With projects in nearly 90 percent of Michigan's counties, MCDC is a leading provider of SBA financing in Michigan. For more information, please call us at 517.886.6612 or visit us at www.michigancdc.org