MCDC publishes a monthly newsletter, archived below and available for download in PDF format.

August 2018

Since 2000, the MCDC Golf Outing has been one of the ways we say Thank you to lenders that partner with us in assisting small businesses with financing.

July 2018

If you're helping your client with financing options to purchase commercial real estate or heavy machinery/equipment, using the SBA 504 Loan Program is the best choice.

June 2018

In case you missed it! Through the SBA 504 Loan Program, MCDC is now offering 25-year debentures. Now, don't worry, we still offer the 10 and 20-year debentures for the SBA 504 Loan Program. This longer-term offering will decrease monthly payments for the small business borrower and will provide more flexibility for the borrower, so they can easily manage their capital. In fact, the SBA has long sought a longer maturity option as a way to further meet the needs of its small business borrowers. And, of course, whatever loan term you need there's the security of knowing that your monthly payment will never go up because the interest rate will never change.      

May 2018

Hooray! We finally, officially said goodbye to winter and "Hello" to spring these last few weeks which gave us good reason to celebrate

April 2018

Dribble - Shoot- Score - MCDC College Basketball Tourney Mixers

March 2018

The MCDC is hosting several mixers this month centered around the first round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

February 2018

Financing an SBA 504 Loan