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The SBA 504 Loan Program provides healthy small and medium-sized businesses with long-term fixed rate financing for the acquisition or construction of fixed assets. Projects are financed through a unique public/private partnership that involves private lenders financing 50% of project costs, MCDC covering up to 40% of project costs, and small businesses investing at least 10% of project costs. By taking a secondary collateral position on project assets, SBA provides a “collateral cushion” for the primary lender and reduces the amount of equity normally required of the borrower.

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Action Water Sports of Fenton, Inc.

There are few boat dealers that have the breadth, wherewithal, name-recognition and accolades that Action Water Sports has earned over the past 20+ years.  Beginning in 1990 by Mr. Jerry Brouwer, Action Water Sports now boasts three year-round, top-notch locations in Hudsonville, Traverse City, and Fenton, as well as a seasonal location at Pine Lake in West Bloomfield, and are Michigan’s dealer choice for new and used MasterCraft, Cobalt, Four Winns and Chaparral boats, and offer a wide range of water sports gear, a fully-stocked pro shop, sell docks and boat lifts, as well as service all makes and models.  Some of Action Water Sports’ awards include being named the #1 MasterCraft dealer in the US, a 5-Star Certified Dealer, and being named in Boating Industry’s Top 100 Dealers in North America for 8 years running, including most recently being named the #21 dealer in the nation.

The Fenton location, established in 2007, was birthed from a partnership between Jerry Brouwer and Mr. Gregg Rising, who previously owned another MasterCraft dealer in the Detroit area, and was sold to create the Fenton arm of Action Water Sports, which now Jerry and Gregg equally own and oversee the near-15,000sf retail store and multiple, on-site rack-storage buildings for boat winterizations.  Both individuals saw the opportunity to refinance their Fenton dealership using the SBA 504 Temporary Refinance Program, and with the help From The Bank of Holland, they were able to be refinanced easily and Action Water Sports of Fenton was able to earn a below-market, fixed interest rate on a substantial amount of its financing requirement so they can pursue additional growth opportunities and focus on operating goals going forward.  Additionally, this project was able to retain the full 13 jobs at the Fenton store.

Action Water Sports of Fenton, Inc.

Over the years, Action Water Sports of Fenton (AWSF) has always stored and winterized boats but the demand had grown immensely along with a record number of new customers.  This project is for the construction of three boat-storage buildings each consisting of 12,000 sq. ft. to store company and/or recreational boats and trailers during the winter, with each building holding up to 68 boats.  Previously AWSF stored many boats offsite which was both costly and inaccessible. 

This is the second SBA project for AWSF; The first was for the initial refinancing of their Fenton dealership in 2013, and similar to their first project, their lender at The Bank of Holland wisely utilized the SBA 504 Loan Program that helped AWSF require only 10% equity and allowed them to earn a long-term fixed rate.

For more information on Action Water Sports of Fenton,  please visit and for additional information on how Michigan Certified Development Corporation can help fund your business, please visit, Michigan’s #1 SBA Lending Partner!

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Action Water Sports of Fenton, Inc.

Action Water Sports of Fenton, Inc
Fenton, MI
Total Project:
MCDC Loan Amount: $570,000
Lender: Chemical Bank, Philip DeVries
Job Impact: 28

Action Wood 360

Action Wood 360
Clinton Township, MI
Total Project:
MCDC Loan Amount: $886,000
Lender: Fifth Third Bank, Matthew Gearhart
Job Impact: 43

Addie's Acres, LLC

Theresa opened her first adult foster care home in 2001 when she and her husband, Richard, converted their home into a 6-bed facility.  Theresa is a registered nurse who has worked with elderly patients for over 25 years.  She prefers a small rural, homelike environment where Richard can take care of the maintenance. 

Since the demand for adult foster care homes is on the rise, Theresa and Richard expanded by constructing a new 20-bed facility next to their existing home.  Addie’s Acres offers services to elderly, developmentally disabled, mentally ill, and Alzheimer's clients.  One of the benefits of Addie’s Acres is the "pet friendly" environment where residents can bring their own pets.

With the help from Eaton Federal Savings Bank, MCDC and the SBA 504 Loan Program, Theresa and Richard were able to construct and equip this new building with only 15% down.  Addie’s Acres, LLC fulfills a public policy goal because it is a woman owned business. 

For more information on Addie’s Acres, LLC  please visit and for additional information on how Michigan Certified Development Corporation can help fund your business, please visit, Michigan’s #1 SBA Lending Partner!  

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