Moseley’s Equipment Repair, LLC

Nick & Donna Moseley
Lansing, Michigan

Moseley's Equipment Repair, LLC was started in 2003 in Lansing by husband and wife, Nick and Donna Moseley.  They repair large equipment such as forging and stamping machines and equipment.  Nick is a mechanical engineer and machinist who has over 30 years experience in press repair and rebuild.  Nick’s reputation as an excellent press repairman has allowed him travel to jobs all over the US.  Nick was born in the UK, but in the 70’s and 80’s, he wanted to see different countries, so he took tool & die maker jobs in Mexico and the US.  He fell in love with the US and has lived here since 1981 as a Legal Permanent Resident.

Moseley’s was operating out of two locations, which was very inefficient and costly.  With the help of the SBA 504 Loan Program and MCDC, they purchased one large 10,000 sq ft building in order to consolidate their operations.  They also financed a large crane that is imperative to their business.  Moseley now enjoys all of their operations under one roof and they have space to grow their business.

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Total Project Amount: 
MCDC Loan Amount: 
Denise Kratzer, Summit Community Bank
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Financing Provided & Structured Through: Michigan Certified Development and US Small Business Administration