Mibelloon Dairy, LLC

Leon and Marleen Van Loon
St. Louis, Michigan

Leon and Marleen Van Loon and their four children moved to the U.S. in 2001 after 25 years of farming in Belgium. They began by leasing a small dairy farm to become acclimated to U.S. dairy farming. In 2002, the Van Loon's bought their own dairy farm which started with 500 cows. The name, Mibelloon, comes from combining the Mi in Michigan, the bel in Belgium, and Loon from Leon's last name. This project involved the construction of two new barns, a 60-stall state-of-the-art rotary milking parlor and equipment, as well as manure/sand sifting equipment. With the additon of the barns and milking parlor, the farm is able to milk more cows in less time (360 cows milked per hour). This expansion allowed Mibelloon to increase from 1,300 cows to 3,500 cows. Leon requested to use the SBA 504 Loan Program because the program only required a 15% equity injection, plus he wanted the below-market interest rates for 20 years.

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Greenstone Farm Credit
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Financing Provided & Structured Through: Michigan Certified Development and US Small Business Administration