Brookshire Inn & Golf Club

Dave Mahaney
Williamston, Michigan

Brookshire Golf started in 1960 with 9 golf holes.  In 1988, Dave Mahaney purchased the golf course and later added another 9 holes and a small pro shop.  He also constructed a restaurant with a bar and banquet room.

Recently, owner Dave Mahaney was looking to refinance his mortgage with better rates and terms, so his banker recommended the SBA 504 Refinance Program with MCDC.  After receiving a favorable appraisal, MCDC and the bank were able to refinance all of Dave’s debt, plus finance additional equity to help pay for some of Dave’s other business expenses.  This was done with no money down and Dave received a 20-year loan with a fixed interest rate on the SBA loan portion.  Now, Dave enjoys lower monthly payments and improved cash flow.

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Dave Feldpausch, Capitol National Bank
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Financing Provided & Structured Through: Michigan Certified Development and US Small Business Administration