Alkamano P.C. CPA

Jason Alkamano
Farmington Hills, Michigan

Ghassan (Jason) Alkamano started his accounting practice in 1998.  His growing CPA practice was running out of room in the office suite that he was leasing.  A small office building in close proximity became available for sale, which provides the practice much needed space and allows for further expansion in the future.  Additionally, the new location has better visibility and better access than the former location making it more convenient for employees and clients alike.  Wary of the disruption of moving during tax season, Mr. Alkamano approached his bank and the MCDC with his concerns about accomplishing the purchase and renovation by the end of January before tax preparation work intensified.  With Mr. Alkamano’s efficient submittal of the information required to make application, his bank and MCDC were able to submit credit applications and have approvals in place within the desired time frames.  Mr. Alkamano is very happy the move is behind him and looks forward to a long and productive stay at this very favorable location.  He is most satisfied with the long term fixed rate financing he has in place, which means he will not have to concern himself with refinancing his bank mortgage for 10 years and never for the SBA portion allowing him to concentrate his efforts on his growing practice.   He currently employs 10 people and will hire 3 more immediately.  He plans to add at least 2 more employees over the next two years.

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Citizens Bank
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Financing Provided & Structured Through: Michigan Certified Development and US Small Business Administration