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The SBA 504 Loan Program provides healthy small and medium-sized businesses with long-term fixed rate financing for the acquisition or construction of fixed assets. Projects are financed through a unique public/private partnership that involves private lenders financing 50% of project costs, MCDC covering up to 40% of project costs, and small businesses investing at least 10% of project costs. By taking a secondary collateral position on project assets, SBA provides a “collateral cushion” for the primary lender and reduces the amount of equity normally required of the borrower.

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Allegra Print & Imaging of Okemos

David Muhleck has owned and operated Allegra Print & Imaging of Okemos since 1990.  He provides cost-effective print communications and marketing programs for businesses.  David has also implemented an in-house graphic design service with advanced printing and mailing capabilities to fit any organization.

David has been operating Allegra out of a leased space for several years and since they are growing and hiring more employees, he decided to purchase a larger building.  This SBA 504 project is for the purchase and renovation of an office building located on Jolly Road in Okemos.  This move allows them to improve efficiency by arranging the new building more logistically.

By partnering with the SBA 504 Loan Program, Dave was able to finance the purchase of the building with only 10% down.  He also received a 20-year loan with a low fixed interest rate.

For more information on Allegra Print & Imaging of Okemos, please visit  For additional information on how Michigan Certified Development Corporation can help fund your business, please visit, Michigan’s #1 SBA Lending Partner!

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Designers' Touch Decorating Center, Inc.

Freeland, Michigan
Total Project:
MCDC Loan Amount: $139,000
Lender: Chemical Bank, Melissa Spranger
Job Impact: 8

17 & Mound Car Wash, LLC

Sterling Heights, Michigan
Total Project:
MCDC Loan Amount: $248,000
Lender: Genisys Credit Union, Allen Mitchell
Job Impact: 2

4 Seasons Dry Cleaners

Bill Yim has been in the drycleaning business for approximately six years. He has operated two locations, one in Clinton Township and one in Harrison Township. Both of thse locations were leased locations. With the help of the MCDC and Northpoint Bank, Mr. Yim has been able to purchase his own building in Chesterfield Township. He will be relocating the Harrison Township location to this new building. By taking advantage of the SBA 504 Loan Program, Mr. Yim was able to obtain low rate fixed financing for the MCDC portion of his loan.

40 Visuals

40 Visuals
Spring Lake, MI
Total Project: $
MCDC Loan Amount: $239,000
Lender: Fifth Third Bank, Susan Lake
Job Impact: 21